EDUCATION WEEK: Noodle Markets, Online Marketplace for K-12 Purchasing, Opens for Vendors

The piece by Michele Molnar featured comments on Noodle Markets by Bart Epstein, CEO of theJefferson Education Accelerator, who said: “If you talk to school leaders behind closed doors, many will tell you they feel completely overwhelmed by all of the choices, and the lack of credible third-party information about them. Bringing together information in a way that helps education leaders be better consumers is a fantastic idea.”

Noodle Markets Launches Marketplace to Revolutionize K-12 Purchasing

Noodle Markets is the latest venture of The Noodle Companies, led by renowned education entrepreneur John Katzman, who previously founded The Princeton Review and 2U. Katzman appointed Nicole Neal as CEO and chief product architect, stating: “Nicole Neal is exceptionally talented and has a strong vision for how to use technology and innovation to make the purchasing process in education more efficient, transparent, and helpful for everyone involved. I am thrilled to have Nicole lead this important venture. Noodle Markets will help the best education companies and tools stand out and will remove friction from the buying process. This is a win for education across the board.”