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  • Free products & service listings
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The Teacher Store

Teachers deserve the lowest prices possible, especially when shopping out-of-pocket. Unlock educator pricing from local and national suppliers offering their best K12 deals.

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For Schools & Districts

Good purchasing is the building block of a great school. When it works, students & staff thrive. When it doesn't work, we lose time, waste money, and sabotage learning. Schools need to supercharge their purchasing.

Shopping Tools
  • Order Approval Workflows
  • Supplies Stipend Management
  • Optional single sign on & accounting software integration
Solicitation Tools
  • Vendor Directory of local & national solution providers
  • Quote Request Management
  • RFx/Bid Management

For Vendors

Suppliers and service providers are key to school success. But doing business with schools is more complicated than ever. Isn't it time for a simple, cost-effective solution win business from schools?

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Thousands of K12 Vendors

Renaissance Learning Cengage Epluno Hertz Furniture Vantage Learning United Supply School Specialty Academy Furniture and Supplies Mathspace Readorium Zinc Reading Labs Total Building Management Funds for Learning, LLC Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

... and many more!

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